“Mia Tagano is an outstanding expert within a specialized field. I would recommend her services to anyone. Mia’s the full package. She expertly led me to find and celebrate my true voice while guiding my copy writing to transition successfully to spoken format. With Mia’s help, I found the confidence to record presentation material projecting genuine authority. She listens well to identify your unique presence, then offers tailored techniques and observations delivered with radical candor to bring out the best in you. You’ll be glad to know her!” – Bill Sharratt, Senior VP Business Development at Darcoid  https://www.linkedin.com/in/billsharratt/

“Was asked to present a TED-style talk to a group of CEO’s on short notice and I couldn’t have done it without Mia’s coaching. She worked around my busy travel schedule and furthermore I appreciated her ability to read between the lines, to get at the important things and not waste any time developing and extracting the important bits that make or break a talk. Being in an environment where things are consistently coming at me and I having to make many decisions over the course of a day, I truly appreciated Mia’s directness and ability to tell me exactly what I needed to work on. I think we did 3 or 4 sessions over the course of a week and she provided me the framework to deliver 2 impactful talks over the following months” – Wallace Chane, CEO at METIS Real Estate https://www.linkedin.com/in/wchane/

“I worked with Mia for 8 weeks. I was to host a conference of over 350 people and wanted to be at my best. Although I have been presenting in various mediums for most of my life, I wanted to make sure that I had the confidence and presence to captivate my audience. Mia’s lessons in breath control, projection, and enunciation helped me to feel confident on the podium. I highly recommend Mia to anyone looking to get more out of their presentations and public speaking.” – Grant Wood, Co-Founder, CEO, Align Clinic https://www.linkedin.com/in/grant-wood-00b01667/

“I have worked with Mia for the past year and she has truly transformed my speaking and performing abilities. I contacted her to help me develop my voice for a solo performance piece that I have since performed at the Marsh Theater and San Francisco Fringe Festival. What started as professional coaching evolved into a creative collaboration. Focusing n voice and movement, Mia helped me discover where my script needed more life and editing. Through the voice work, characters emerged that I didn’t previously know how to get off the page. She helped me build my confidence and shared the professional tips that have helped her be a prepared and inspiring performer. Her gift is in helping you discover and strengthen your own voice- both literally and figuratively. She is kind, compassionate and can be very directive when needed. After my performances, I received many compliments- with people noticing aspects of the performance that Mia helped me discover and perfect. I came to her wanting to be a more interesting speaker and came away with an excellent show that received great reviews! I am continuing on- with my next show and project. I’m looking forward to discovering more about the stories I have to tell and learning how to tell them in a compelling and engaging way. I’ve also gotten the added benefit of being able to transfer her techniques to the presentations I give in my consulting work. The benefits of working with her just keep coming…” – Joan Chaplick, Principal, Program Director https://www.linkedin.com/in/joan-chaplick-a124046/

“I started working with Mia earlier this year to improve my public speaking. Mia is very patient and took the time to understand my strengths and areas where I can improve. I really appreciated it and she tailored the voice coaching program for me. In just a matter of few sessions, I saw a significant improvement in my confidence and public speaking. I learned how to use my breath to build my voice. Her depth of knowledge and vast experience of voice and public-speaking is quite evident once you work with her. I am very thankful that I met Mia and look forward to continue to work with her to build my public speaking confidence and improve my voice.” – Rahul Rajgarhia, Engineer https://www.linkedin.com/in/rahul-rajgarhia-b55ba36/

“I had the pleasure to work with Mia on my vocal training. In my first conversation with Mia, it was clear to me she has not only deep expertise in voice coaching but also the ability to identify the trainees’ needs and customize her training to help students quickly improve their speech patterns. I learned a number of breathing and speaking techniques that will benefit my personal and professional life in the long term. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a good voice or acting coach.” – Jingchuan Dong, Business Strategy & Planning at VMware. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jingchuandong/

 “Mia is Amazing!!! I have spoken in front of a camera for almost two decades and yet public speaking has always been a challenge for me. Mia began her process from the moment she greeted me at the door, reading my body language, my demeanor, and anything else she could sense.  Her kind, warm persona put me at ease right away. We accomplished so much in our first session. By the end, she felt like a confidant and someone I could trust to help me succeed. I was thoroughly impressed with her ability to analyze, connect, and create ways to help me overcome my struggles with public speaking. In addition to her kind-hearted nature, Mia is so smart and funny. Those qualities combined with her knowledge, experience, and insight make Mia a stellar performance coach.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach.” – Rosemary Orozco, Emmy Award-Winning Meteorologist & News Personality https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosemary-orozco-332199a9/

“It was a very special day indeed & a treat to spend a full day with Mia attending “finding your own voice workshop “. It was so empowering to be “ present “ physically & mentally, sitting with a group of women practicing with Mia & getting honest feedback from other women attending on how to respond powerfully while being yourself & using your own voice to assert your response in different scenarios, a great eye-opener in self-discovery. Since our workshop I’ve been practicing how to pause, be present while using my own voice on a daily basis & have found it quite useful running meetings and responding to tough situations. Mia is a gifted professional woman who gives her best in everything. She was eager to share her knowledge for the sake of helping others to succeed & enjoy what they do in their life journey. I absolutely recommend “ finding your own voice workshop “ as well as any other workshops she runs.” – Seham El-DeWany, Physician https://www.linkedin.com/in/seham-el-diwany-bb367a30/ 

“I have worked with Mia of Tagano Coaching for over 7 years in her capacity as a Social Media volunteer for KarmaTube.org and she is the most self-directed, reliable volunteer with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. Mia holds true to her values of honesty, kindness, and love in everything she does and has the most amazing instincts for how to reach people’s hearts. In group interactions, Mia is able to engender people’s trust instantly with skill and compassion. She is a gifted teacher – I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Yoo-Mi Lee, Program Development Consultant, Freelance Volunteer

“It was delightful and edifying to work with Mia Tagano, who helped me bring out my speaking voice into its potential. What drew me to Mia was her coaching style and ability to help me speak more like me and not like someone else. I appreciated the specific vocal exercises and points that we went over, which were personalized and compelling. Her work has helped strengthen my speaking and presentation style. Mia’s work has meant a great deal to me, and I would highly recommend her voice coaching.” – Sonia (Easaw) Easaw-Panggabean, Director of Content Marketing, Albertsons Health & Pharmacy. https://www.linkedin.com/in/soniaeasaw/

“Mia has a rare gift for sensing people’s authentic voices and helping them to step into it with conviction and clarity. With her unique background spanning the fields of acting, teaching, community organizing, and psychology, I’ve seen her be able to quickly intuit where people’s blind spots and patterns are in how they express themselves. And more importantly, support them in developing personal practices that give them a foothold in how to transform these patterns practically. She is naturally warm, kind, insightful and open-minded, and wonderful with children, teenagers and adults alike — having gotten to know her as a dear friend over many years now, I wholeheartedly recommend working with her.” – Pavithra Mehta, Author, Film-maker

 “Mia Tagano helped me find my voice. Deeply knowledgeable and skilled, Tagano goes beyond technique. She helped me find what I really wanted to say. Working with her is a joy and a revelation. Highly recommended.” – Tracy Cochran, Journalist and Co-Editor at Parabola

“In working with Mia I have found many ways to my authentic voice. We have used props, text, movement, and breath exercises to “drop-in” and let my voice out. Prior to working with her, I had a habit of holding my breath and therefore holding my impulses, preparation, and talent. The coaching I received not only showed me the habit but also gave me the confidence and encouragement to let it go. Her keen ear, sharp eye, and honest feedback have allowed me to open up to my own work in ways I didn’t know I could.” – Laura Jane Bailey, Actor/Director

“I have been associated with Mia Tagano for 12 years. I want to express my gratitude, admiration, and amazement at how she has year after year helped our community organization communicate and publicize our efforts across California. Her sense of grasping our organization and “reading between the lines” as she directs our facebook page and monthly team letter has kept our organization intact and has given us a voice and identity. Her goodwill and skills are unique!” Sincerely, John T Malloy Jr, Director of the California American Indian 500 Mile Spiritual Marathon Relay Team

“I first came to Mia for help controlling my breath and projecting my voice. I wanted to fix what I was doing wrong, but from the very start, Mia encouraged me to avoid worrying about what I was doing “wrong”. Instead, we worked on developing the strength and intention of my voice and as we did my breathing and volume problems just faded away. Mia’s gift to me, besides her rich knowledge of vocal technique, was teaching me to relax and connect with my voice. Since working with Mia my stage performance has improved remarkably and I owe it to her for helping me “find my voice”. I highly recommend her as a voice and performance coach.” – Bennet Caffee, Nurse and Actor

“Mia has the ability to teach intensive exercises, blended with playful child-like fun elements. She co-creates a vulnerable yet welcoming learning environment. Thank you, for always bringing your authenticity and passion in every breath! My voice feels a new sense of freedom today.”- Kara Ludgate, Healing Arts

“I was deeply inspired by Mia’s skillful, heart-connecting, and empowering facilitation. She not only helped me to connect with my own voice but also with others in the group. She created a safe space for us to explore our inner truth together, and I walked away inspired and thirsty for more.” – Xiao Shu, Writer/Performer

Feedback from Anonymous Survey:

“I found her live observations about my voice and changes in my voice very helpful. I also really enjoyed the physical exercises she used to help open up my voice and make me feel the strength and power behind it. Lastly, the summary notes from each session were fantastic and helpful to remind me of what was learned between sessions. Mia was life-changing and my time with her was incredibly valuable.”

“Mia is a warm, welcoming person and has the ability to work with and open up almost any type of person. She has a gentle, yet strong approach in stating her observations and creates a very safe space.”

“Voice Coaching with Mia is a personalized experience that everyone can benefit from!”

“In terms of leadership coaching – I would recommend Mia highly. I felt that she was able to get to the bottom of issues and dynamics without being in the situation – purely on the basis on what I relayed and a few videos I shared.”

“Mia made me aware of myself. She is very insightful. I feel that I got a lot more confident about my interactions at work. And, I feel the benefits I experienced were from the insights she shared that made me more aware and helped me course correct.”

“It’s very personal work and you do a great job guiding and discovering what I need in a strong and supportive way while also actually allowing me to tap into more of myself.”

“Mia does excellent work, very patient and respectful, passionate about her work and the work of others (mine). She was not concerned about the time and was ok with going over in time, to get the work done. Very skilled and helpful.”

“Mia has a very calm, centered approach that is unique to voice coaches on the market. If I felt the same vibes from the person struggling, I’d recommend her to them.”

“Mia is attentive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Her warm approach helped me to feel seen. Our work together not only helped me improve but gave me the tools to continue growing long after we met.”

“When stuff wasn’t working, I liked that Mia just adapted and tried something else. It wasn’t that *I* was broken. It was just a different technique was needed. I appreciated that!”

“She has a very warm and welcoming spirit which is very important to the types of clients she helps.”


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