Develop your Authentic Voice

audio and transcript

What does it mean to “develop your authentic voice?” Well, what do you sound like without the ideas of what you SHOULD sound like? What voice do you have when you feel happy, healthy, clear, confident, safe and supported? That’s the voice we’re after. That’s the “authentic voice.” But what happens when we aren’t feeling all of those things?  Do we stay at home in silence?  Sometimes, if we are able. But mostly, if we are in a situation where we have to engage with other people then, we have to speak anyway. We have to show up, regardless of how we are feeling. It is possible though to speak in a way that is true and engaging regardless of how we are feeling. It is a combination of not just shifting focus from self to others but, sharing focus. Primary focus is on who we are talking with and the message we want to convey, while the work of executing our expression is present but in a way, our own special secret. As we come to have an awareness of how to access breath, open direct and support our sounds while considering, and connecting with, our audience (whether one person or many), we lift our communication into an engaging relationship with others, and with ourselves.  Suddenly, we are talking TO each other. Even when we are giving a presentation where we are the only one speaking. There is reciprocity. We need the other person or persons. Our connection with them and our message becomes most important.  We forget whether or not we feel happy or confident, sad or anxious; It isn’t about our feelings actually, it is about what we have to say. And, as we lead with our head, heart and spirit, our worry, anxiety etc takes a back seat. And the more you have these moments of authentic invigorated connection, it becomes a pattern, a sacred practice in fact.  You begin to lead with authenticity. You trust yourself and in turn others trust you. You become that person people want to go to, to listen to, to engage with – You begin to own your beliefs; you stand with integrity; you walk your talk; you begin to speak with a clarity and flow more consistently….See, this is the authentic voice that I want to help you develop, and support.